Shelter Hall

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Seafront food market & bar

Shelter Hall is a re-imagined food hall unlike any other, serving non-stop originality and curated menus to the good people of Brighton. With seven rotating kitchens, two bars, seaview terrace and intimate balconies, this is the place to settle in.


In the summer, grab a chair on the balcony or terrace, enjoy live music and experience international cuisine. Throughout the winter join us for supper clubs, gigs in our secret bar, and one-off pop ups from renowned chefs. Come for the food. Stay for everything else.

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An interior shot of shelter hall showing hundreds of coloured panels hanging from the ceiling of the space

Powered by Sessions…

Founded in 2019, Sessions is on a mission to bring non-stop originality to every kitchen and food lovers across the UK. With a drive to demonstrate this philosophy, Sessions embarked on a journey to amplify food brands nationwide. Through collaborations with over 250 host kitchens and pioneering residencies in iconic venues, Sessions is reshaping the culinary landscape.


In 2020, Sessions unveiled Shelter Hall, a flagship location to reflect its vision of culinary diversity. Here local talent and international chefs come together, creating the home of originality that serves Brighton locals and visitors alike.

A black and white picture from the 80's of Shelter Hall on Brighton seafront

A piece of Brighton history

Shelter Hall was built in the 1880’s to provide shelter and refreshments to local fisherman and beach goers. Originally topped with a glass dome and a decagonal glass-sided kiosk which lit the space from above. Unfortunately, during the 20th century, the hall lost its domed ceiling and fell into disrepair. 


During the 1980’s and 1990’s the space was repurposed from amusement arcade to gym before closing in 2012 due to structural failure. It remained closed until 2020 when Sessions decided to bring the hall back to life. Now over 200 years later, Shelter Hall opens its doors to bring non-stop original food and drink to Brighton’s seafront.

An aerial shot of Shelter Hall with sun umbrellas out at the front and hundred of people walking past

News & Reviews

“Shelter Hall in Brighton feels like an entirely new concept in dining: a pleasurable food-hall experience. No, come back; I’m not making it up.


Shelter Hall operates out of a rather beautiful seafront building, built in 1888, to allow promenaders to shelter from the rain. After years of neglect, then some serious restoration, it is now a well-administered home to seven kitchens and two bars, brimming with helpful, smiling staff …”


Grace Dent, The Guardian, 2022

Kostas Vais from Essi Kitchen cooking souvlaki in his kitchen at Shelter Hall

Are you a creator of original food that excites?

We are always looking for chefs to join the Shelter Hall line-up. Whether you’re interested in securing a spot on our roster or developing a concept for a pop-up, get in touch if you do food that excites!