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Built on the charred flavours of grills and BBQs, Essi Kitchen’s Kostas Vais, brings Greek Australian cuisine into rotation. A first of its kind, showcasing hand made pittas and original fillings.

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Kostas Vais

“With a Greek/Australian upbringing, BBQ was always in my blood. The 3 Little Pig Souvalki was born from a childhood filled with visiting the local souvlaki kiosk with my Grandad Dimitri whilst telling fairytales, and threading skewers to cook on charcoal with my father, Jim. The tradition of threading your own skewers and cooking on charcoal was a ritual we never cut corners on. These memories have stayed with me throughout my years, well into adulthood. The 3 Little Pigs Souvlaki is a personal passion, combining elements of traditional Greek cuisine with the mighty Australian BBQ. Through creating this food I am carrying on my Father’s simple lessons on the grill, and my Grandfather's love of sharing food and stories.” Kostas Vais, Founder, The 3 Little Pig’s Souvlaki, Essi Kitchen