Shelter Hall

Rudi’s Burgers

Meet the founder

Danny Staples

Rudi’s Burgers was founded by Shelter Hall’s executive chef, Danny Staples in partnership with Sessions. Inspired by the arrival of Danny's son Rudi in 2023, Rudi’s Burgers was created purely to bring a smile to your face. With years of experience in hospitality and navigating the festival and events circuit, founder Danny envisioned a burger brand that captures memorable moments and leaves you craving more. Made up of sesame-milk buns baked at local Flour Pot bakery along side deep filled aged beef burgers. Rudi’s offers everything but your standard patty and bun. Incorporating flavours that expand far beyond your normal burger, with mango chutney, black truffle, halloumi and sweet pickled chillies.

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Indulgent deep filled aged beef burgers, sides and loaded fries available at Shelter Hall from south coast chef and seasoned street food trader Danny Staples

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