Shelter Hall
Do I need to book?

No, we offer bookings so that you can plan ahead but we always accept walk-ins. Our terrace is walk-in only, but we cannot guarantee in advance what time those tables will be available – all depends on who has walked in and when!



Is there table service?

We are a food hall with seven kitchens that all operate independently. We do not provide table service. Instead, you can order from all the kitchens at once by scanning a QR code at your table or go inside to order at the individual kitchens. Food and drinks are then delivered to your tables. If you want table service, book an experience in our private dining room.



Are dogs welcome?

Yes! Both inside and outside.



Are children welcome?

Yes, under 18’s are welcome before 10pm with a guardian. We also have high chairs.



Are outdoor tables covered? 

We have large heated parasols on the terrace; some tables are uncovered.



Is the venue accessible?

Yes, we have disabled facilities on our first floor which is reached by a platform lift. Tables for five+ people on the first floor are stool seating. Guests may find some of our ground floor seating inaccessible for wheelchairs / mobility scooters. Please get in touch for further details or to request better-suited seating.



Can I join Shelter Hall as a partner?

Please enquire about opportunities here