Shelter Hall
Full length portrait of DJ Nicholson Davids

Original Sounds with Davids

  • Davids is playing on the ground floor in the main hall

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Davids takes to the decks to play us into the evening, with our brand new summer cocktail menu in full swing all night, and food from our kitchens available until 10pm. See you there!


Bio: David’s early musical experiences were a blend of diverse influences, growing up in a Nigerian household on a West Indian council estate in the North of England. Surrounded by Afrobeat, Motown, funk, and soul records at home, he was also exposed to early 90s jungle, ragga, and hip-hop at his youth club. As a teenager, David was part of a grime collective, recording and distributing mixtapes at school. He later explored guitar-based music before forming the live hip-hop and soul band Normanton Street in Brighton in 2011. Needing a DJ for their events, David learned to mix on old CDJs, seamlessly blending genres while maintaining high energy. In 2018, he launched NAWA!, a monthly Afrobeats club night under his record label QM Records.


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